Churches working together to transform lives and communities by starting new churches, strengthening existing churches, and developing missional leaders.

Governing Documents

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Connect and encourage our churches | We will work to connect our churches with each other in fellowship and mission, that they might resource one another. We will also encourage and honor them for their high and holy call as mission stations on a mission field and will resource them in their times of staff search process, mission transition, challenge, or crisis.
  • Broker other appropriate resources | We will work to connect those churches seeking strategic ministry development in various areas (evangelism and outreach, Christian formation, worship, leadership development, long-range planning, stewardship, compassion, etc.) with Covenant and other ministries that can assist them.
  • Encourage our pastors | We will encourage, honor, uphold, counsel, and coach the men and women who serve as pastors and ministry staff of our churches, assist them in their ministerial credentialing and accountability, and challenge them to raise up future generations of ministers.
  • Empower church planting | We will serve as a catalytic organizer, service provider, and resource partner in new church planting in all regions of the conference.
  • Support our conference institutions | We will stand in partnership and vision with the leadership of our conference camping, retirement, educational, and other institutional ministries.
  • Share in global ECC mission | We will share in the ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church and exhort and equip each member church to do the same.

Our Internal Commitments

  • Exemplary management of our financial resources | We will model stewardship excellence (integrity, foresight, thrift, responsibility, etc.) in all conference administration.
  • Excellent communication of our MWC mission | We will effectively communicate our shared mission and mutual accomplishments with each member church.