Church Planting

Church Planting in the Midwest Conference

The churches of the Midwest Conference have a strong history of working together to start new congregations.  Planting healthy, missional churches is one of our most effective tools for connecting new people and generations with Jesus. We are aggressive about starting churches because we are passionate about making disciples!

While many of our newer churches have been planted in metropolitan areas such as Denver and Kansas City, we also plant “well-conceived” new churches in smaller cities and towns such as Carroll, Iowa, (population 10,000) and Washington, Kansas, (population 1,100). Many communities are ripe for church planting across Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and Wyoming.

The strongest new churches are often “parented” or “partnered” by established congregations that are healthy and missional. Because church vitality and church planting go hand-in-hand, and because we value planting churches together, we coordinate this ministry through six Regional Church Planting Groups:

    Central Kansas (CKS) Church Planting Group
    Northern Colorado (NoC0) Church Planting Group
    Denver Metro (DEN) Church Planting Group
    Iowa (IA) Church Planting Group
    Kansas City Area (KC) Church Planting Group
    Nebraska (NE) Church Planting Group
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How can our church learn more about Church Planting?

A good place to start is to schedule Multiply, a Sunday congregational event that addresses why and how we start new churches and outlines three specific on-ramps that allow every congregation to be involved. To schedule Multiply or to visit with the MWC Director of Church Planing, contact Brian Johnson at mwcbrian(at)

I’m interested in planting a Covenant church . . . what next?

1. Contact the MWC Director of Church Planting at mwcbrian(a)

2. Complete the following pre-assessment documents:


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