Partner Ministries

The Midwest Conference has a variety of partner ministries and services.

Highlighted Partners

Covenant Village of Colorado

At Covenant Village of Colorado, discover the freedom that retirement can provide: the freedom to live well…to be part of a community…to be free from worry about what tomorrow may bring. You can find that freedom at Covenant Village of Colorado, administered by Covenant Retirement Communities, Inc., on behalf of the Board of Benevolence of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Covenant Trust Company

Covenant Trust Company provides trustee and management services for most revocable living trusts and various types of irrevocable trusts arranged by Covenant Estate Planning Services. Covenant Trust Company also assists individuals, local churches, conferences, camps, etc. with additional management and investment services.

The financial services representatives for the Midwest Conference are Dan Melgren ( and Todd Mitchell ( Dan and Todd are available to share with your church the vision of CTC and to help you understand the significance of stewardship in financial management and estate planning.

Covenant Retirement Communities

Covenant Retirement Communities invites you to explore a senior lifestyle filled with freedom and inspiring choices. CRC offers a wide selection of lovely and completely maintenance-free residences. At every community, you’ll find infinite opportunities for gracious living and casual comfort.