Midwest Conference Ministerial Association

  • Heidi Wiebe, Chair
  • Matt King, Vice Chair
  • Kay Sorvik, Secretary
  • Kyle Kachelmeier, Treasurer
  • Tammy Swanson-Draheim, Ex-officio

Committee on Ministerial Standing

The Committee on Ministerial Standing works with the Covenant Board of Ordered Ministry to supervise ministerial standing. The committee provides mentors for those beginning a ministry in a Covenant church and meets with candidates seeking a ministerial license, commissioning or ordination before recommending them to the Board of Ordered Ministry.

  • John Madvig, Chair
  • Kay Sorvik, Secretary, Ex-officio
  • Karl Helvig
  • Reid Olson
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Dori Brown
  • Heidi Wiebe, Ex-officio
  • Tammy Swanson-Draheim, Ex-officio
  • Greg Applequist, Liaison from ECC Board of Ordered Ministry

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