Pastoral Help

Can you think of any relationships in your very public life where you can share personal failure and know that it is totally safe? If you are in personal financial, moral or relational crises, where do you go to find needed support and resources? Are you reconsidering your “call to ministry,” or perhaps just needing to hear a fresh word from God?

For more information on the ministries below, contact Jim Persson (303) 463-2401 or Tom Glossi (970) 215-2451.

Sanctuary Ministry

Sanctuary is a non-reporting ministry of care and support for pastors and their (spouses) families. Sanctuary ministers offer a confidential ear, are available to meet by phone or in person, provide a sounding board in the midst of crises or challenging life circumstances, and are prepared to direct you to confidential resources for retreats, counseling, spiritual direction and personal study. To learn more about spiritual direction in the Midwest Conference, click here.

  • Have you been so absorbed in the spiritual growth of others that your own spiritual life is bogged down and stagnant?
  • Have you come to the place in life where you are unable to distinguish between who you are and what you do?
  • What would it be like to have a spiritual companion along on your faith/ministry journey, or…to have someone with a deep desire to listen prayerfully with you for the presence of God?

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is also an available resource for pastors/staff who have a desire to grow closer to God by recognizing God’s presence and voice in every area of life. Spiritual Directors offer the gift of “holy listening” in a setting of prayer and confidentiality. Trained spiritual directors are available to pastors in the Midwest Conference at no cost.

  • Do you ever feel alone in ministry?
  • Do you wonder if ministry colleagues experience the same ministry challenges? Or have similar doubts about personal competency?
  • Have you ever wished for a spiritual/ministry friend with whom you could share ideas and resources?
  • When was the last time anyone offered to sit quietly to listen and then pray for you?

Peer Cluster Groups

Local Peer Cluster Groups are being established in each region of the conference to provide a consistent listening environment of discernment and prayer. Groups will meet on a regular basis to provide opportunities to know colleagues at a personal and professional level. Cluster groups are dynamic and may change from time to time depending on size, number and location of area pastors.